Mistica Benefits


Is Mistica pasteurized?


Mistica is flash pasteurized in order to help protect product freshness for up to 30 days after opening. Synergy uses a pasteurization method that exposes the product to heat for a very brief period of time (15-30 seconds). Synergy has researched and developed pasteurization methods to ensure that we provide a safe, effective method. During pasteurization, the liquid is heated in a tube-in-tube heat exchanger. This means that the product is heated as it passes through a tube and then cooled in the tube. We don’t heat the entire batch at once, only what is in the tube at the time. This allows us to quickly heat and cool the product. The product is only exposed to pasteurization temperature for less than one minute and is then immediately cooled. This process is considered superior to traditional pasteurization methods, which involve very high heat exposure for very long periods of time, or that heat large volumes of liquid at a time.

Synergy has conducted extensive testing on our finished product to ensure that the pasteurization procedure does not affect the quality of the product. Some of the active constituents tested for in the final product include flavonoids, total polyphenols, EGCG, catechins, polysaccharides, and ORAC value (a measurement of antioxidant activity). Additional tests include organoleptic (color, odor, taste and appearance consistency), ash, purity, moisture content, particle size, and pH. Each of these tests are conducted on the finished product after being pasteurized. Synergy ensures a high quality product by extensively testing every raw material and every finished product manufactured in our facility.



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