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Mistica Benefits


Is Mistica pasteurized?


Mistica is flash pasteurized in order to help protect product freshness for up to 30 days after opening. Synergy uses a pasteurization method that exposes the product to heat for a very brief period of time (15-30 seconds). Synergy has researched and developed pasteurization methods to ensure that we provide a safe, effective method. During pasteurization, the liquid is heated in a tube-in-tube heat exchanger. This means that the product is heated as it passes through a tube and then cooled in the tube. We don’t heat the entire batch at once, only what is in the tube at the time. This allows us to quickly heat and cool the product. The product is only exposed to pasteurization temperature for less than one minute and is then immediately cooled. This process is considered superior to traditional pasteurization methods, which involve very high heat exposure for very long periods of time, or that heat large volumes of liquid at a time.

Synergy has conducted extensive testing on our finished product to ensure that the pasteurization procedure does not affect the quality of the product. Some of the active constituents tested for in the final product include flavonoids, total polyphenols, EGCG, catechins, polysaccharides, and ORAC value (a measurement of antioxidant activity). Additional tests include organoleptic (color, odor, taste and appearance consistency), ash, purity, moisture content, particle size, and pH. Each of these tests are conducted on the finished product after being pasteurized. Synergy ensures a high quality product by extensively testing every raw material and every finished product manufactured in our facility.



Is Mistica Just Another Fruit Blend?


Mistica is Synergy’s powerful, potent anti-oxidant fruit blend. Anyone can taste it and tell you about the great flavor. Plus, Synergy has guaranteed it along with the rest of our quality-ensured product line. Also, if you talk to most Mistica users, you’ll hear them excitedly tell you about the benefits they’ve experienced.

But is Mistica really so great?
After all, there’s a big market out there. Many companies are currently pushing competing products. The Brazilian Acai berry has caught people’s attention for all of the good its capable of doing for the body, and has therefore become a buzz word everywhere.
So, is Mistica just another product in a saturated market?

The answer: No, Mistica is NOT just another fruit blend. It is truly a powerful anti-oxidizing supplement that is capable of helping people in many ways. The Mistica formula has been carefully designed to enhance your health and help your body fight free radicals. It has been designed to provide the natural power that has been sadly missing from most diets. The benefits Mistica users have been experiencing are real, and they are available to you.

And when it comes to the competition, Mistica stands above.

Evidence of this superior formula has been published by an independent lab not affiliated with Synergy WorldWide. Mistica was compared to the leading products in the category and was found to beat the competition in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, Catechins, Anthocyanin, and Phenolics. Check this out:

When it comes to antioxidant activity, the charts above show that Mistica was found to be the leading formula in all the ways that matter. The biological compounds are there in abundance. Every bottle of Mistica is filled with real free-radical fighting ingredients, not just filler.


  1. Here in Hawaii at The Institute of Advanced Anti-Aging…
    We use and recommend Synergy Products to all our anti-aging clients.
    Mystica is a favorite of ours.
    One of our 19 year old clients.
    Had gastroenteritis with a fever of 102.2F
    We treated her with 6 oz of Mystica and Synergy Vitamin D3 8 tablets.
    Her fever and abdominal discomforts were Gone in less than 1 hour !!!!!
    Wes n Wanda Anzai
    The Institute of Advanced Anti-Aging
    Happy Healthy Hawaii

Healthiest American Companies

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Synergy is proud of its affiliation with Nature’s Sunshine Products. Synergy and NSP are committed to promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles for all of their employees. We are happy to say that our mission to improve physical well-being around the world through high-quality products is reflected in the way our employees maintain their health.Through various programs and incentives, Nature’s Sunshine Products has created a culture of fitness. By sticking to these programs that encourage smart diets and exercise, employees can achieve comprehensive wellness. In addition, many employees consume Synergy and NSP products daily. The ingredients in these products take health to the next level, ensuring that all the nutrition the body craves is provided regularly.

Chlorophyll Vs Antibiotic

Since the introduction of penicillin, we all thought it would be awesome to use antibiotics a lot, and put them in everything. So we did.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics for more than 60% of adults with upper respiratory tract infections, which are usually caused by viruses. And a 2010 study published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that doctors sometimes kept patients on antibiotics even after tests showed they had viral infections.

But it’s not just doctors. Uneducated patients demand them whenever they are sick, and the food industry likes to put them in everything (About 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. each year are for use in food animals).

That antibiotic abuse has created a huge and deadly problem. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are starting to get out of control. More and more people are getting sick from these super bugs and more and more people are dying from them.

Another side effect: we’re killing our friendly bacteria while we’re getting our antibiotic fix.

Carrington put together a cool graphic showing some of the good, bad and ugly of antibiotics. Check it out:

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How Chlorophyll rebuilds blood cells


In the sphere of anti-aging, maintaining healthy, clean blood is essential in the effort to prevent disease and the spread of free-radicals. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to the molecular structure of hemin, which is a part of haemoglobin, a protein in blood that transports oxygen throughout the body.

Observe the following two structures:
The only difference between the chlorophyll and the hemin is the fact that magnesium (Mg) is at the centre of chlorophyll, and iron (Fe) is at the centre of hemin.

What’s remarkable is that scientists have observed the assimilation of chlorophyll into the body and found that at some point, the magnesium turns into iron. However, they are still baffled as to how the process works – they haven’t been able to yet pinpoint how the switch is made.

Regardless, this means that ingesting chlorophyll is almost akin to getting a fresh blood transfusion. Dr Gabriel Cousens, MD, reported that “experiments have shown that severely anemic rabbits make a rapid return to a normal blood count once chlorophyll is administered.”

The benefits of chlorophyll go on:

  • Highly detoxifying: removes heavy metals and toxins from tissues and liver
  • High in vitamins C, A, Bs, and E
  • Source of calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc
  • Contains up to 17 amino acids
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Restores fertility in some animals (cows, chickens)
  • Removes acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions
  • Facilitates the healing of scar tissue
  • Shown to prevent tooth decay and the graying of hair
  • Reduces high blood pressure and fasting blood sugar levels

The best way to get chlorophyll is through juiced or blended greens (with fruit, to mask the taste). The darker the green, the more chlorophyll is present.

Here are some great juice or shake combinations:

  • Spinach – banana – pear
  • Kale – berry – orange
  • Romaine – watermelon
  • Dandelion – grape – mango
  • Wheatgrass shots: wheatgrass is made up of about 70% chlorophyll and contains over 100 essential elements


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The Magic of Chlorophyll


Where does it come from? Synergy Liquid Chlorophyll – name Chlorophyll plus  is a 30 years old health drink, manufactured in Utah, USA by Nature’s Sunshine product ,a 36 years old herbal giant manufacturer in America. Liquid Chlorophyll is now distributed in Asia by Synergy Worldwide , a wholly own subsidiary division of Nature’s Sunshine. LC  is available in 30 or more countries.

What is Chlorophyll ?  Chlorophyll  is a green pigment from the plant . Chlorophyll performs metabolic functions in plant such as respiration growth. It is blood of the green plant. Because of its rich nutrients and energy from the sun. It is a very healthy drink to improve our body immune response, deodorize the body and cleanse the blood of impurities.liquid-chlorophyll

Chlorophyll help us? To remain Viable, the body must stay in a slightly akaline state. The bad news is that today’s diet contributes to mostly acidic tissues and fluids in the body. Research shows that a CHRONIC acidic state in the body is a potential contributor to various diseases, including osteoporosis. Bone minerals function as a reservoir in the body and tissues. If the body is constantly in an acidic state, then bone minerals will eventually be depleted,leading to Bone diseases. Liquid Chlorophyll is an outstanding source of alkalizing ingredients able to help proper pH balance in the body. When our body fluids achieve pH balance, the body will have a better function to receive nutrients from food we eat. It helps strengthen our body immunity function and stay healthy. Liquid chlorophyll also carry oxygen and help to circulate our blood system effectively and purified the blood. Because of Chlorophyllin found in chlorophyll, it has the anti-oxidant and detoxification effect over the period of drinking. That is how it can help the body to prevent diseases.Unknown

How to drink Liquid Chlorophyll? 5ml of LC + 240ml of water = 1 Kg green Vegetables nutrients We probably need to consume few Kg of vegetables to achieve 1kg of vegetables nutrients, it is because the way we prepare our vegetables dish. Eveyone who live in the city and experienced busy lifestyle should drink LC to build healthy body foundation. Drink LC  like drinking water and make it a habit by not treating it as a medicine.

Who can drink Liquid Chlorophyll? Anybody from 2 yrs old to 100 yrs old can drink LC, as long as the person can eat vegetables , he/she can drink diepluc.

Will there be any side effect by drinking too much of LC? There will not be any side effects for drinking LC. 1 day 2 cups is fine for everyone. The product has reach 30 years of selling to more than 30 countries and experienced no complaints. You can trust the product for sure.

Reference from people who used LC for many years. Many people drink LC everyday. Doctors  recommends LC strongly to cure dengue fever, other country like indonesia also use LC to treat skin diseases and recovered burnt skin. People from these countries also used LC to beautify the face by reducing the pimples and acne problems. They used LC to do facial mask to smooth the skin. To further solution, LC also used as a liquid to treat diabetes patients with broken skin. They used LC to apply for cut wound and burn skin. It work very well for them. The passion they have for LC is unbelievable. We can always learn from them and benefit ourselves.The value of drinking LC is worth the money we paid for it. A bottle of LC can supply a family of 5 to last for 1 month. It is very economical.


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